Jakcsy - Alaska Collaboration


2019 - A year that has brought me lots of joy, and lots of pain, and it’s only February lol. Part of that joy was the opportunity to travel to Alaska, a sentence I honestly n e v e r thought I would type. My brother and sister-in-law were stationed up there almost exactly a year prior to the week we chose (a coincidence, but imma act like I booked it like that on purpose 🤫). While we were up there, it seemed fitting to to reach out to local creators, and see if anyone would be interested in collaborating. Jakcsy, an Alaskan native (Instagram link here), quickly got back to me, and we set our location at Hatcher’s Pass - a popular destination north of Anchorage. Picture the most instagramy-pinteresty-tumblr-esque mountain situation you can think of, and times that by 10 - I mean come on, I’ll take wide open spaces, vast mountains, and cute red cabins everyday, ANY day.

On our second to last day in Alaska, Brittany (my SIL) and I set out to Hatcher’s Pass, with coffee and breakfast burritos made by our wonderful husbands in hand. I had so many ideas racing through my mind - what was this place actually going to look like, am I going to be cool and not awkward when meeting this model, am I going to be too cold to push my shutter button, I wonder which hot sauces Chad used in this burrito - just to name a few examples. About an hour later we arrived to what was honestly the whitest and most breathtaking landscape I have ever seen. It was more than I hoped for - perfect lighting, snow flurries falling, and perfectly fluffed snow that was a lot deeper than anticipated (I’ll leave that scenario to your imagination). Before I bore you anymore than I have though, I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking. I plan on writing an blog post showing our entire trip, but I figured I’d at least start with this one - just to tease ya. Keep scrolling to see what Jakcsy and I created, and please feel free to give this post a like if you feel so inclined! Have a great week everyone! ❤️

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