The MVPs // My Most Valuable Pieces (In My Closet)


     I am a creature of habit, plain and simple. Which is actually funny because for those of you who grew up with me, I have gone through many phases over the years. There was "Scene Sarah" in 8th grade, the "Hippie Sarah" who wore Doc Martens to picture day in 10th, and then I don't even know what I would've considered I was my senior year (let's be honest we all kind of feel that way about 2012). The thing is, I can honestly say my whole life I have been on a journey, a journey to find the perfect mix of comfy and "stylish". But you see, my vision of comfy and stylish change every damn day, and that's just something I've learned to love about myself. So I want to first say welcome, welcome to the current me, and the things that I currently (and these have been going strong for about two years) consider the most valuable pieces of clothing I own. Aka some of the things I wear the most. Keep scrollin'.


     This is how the layout of this blog post is going to go: I'm going to explain each item, and hopefully give direct links to find them (or find alternatives), and then I will show a mini "look book" of me wearing them how I do typically - It's gunna be great I know lol. 

     To begin, one most always have a pair of black denim. I personally would choose black or dark grey denim over blue any day. For me it simply goes with what I own. They have to be mid-rise, ankle grazing, and wooooooorn in for that perfect not-too-slouchy-I-care-but-don't-care look. Mine are from ASOS, a place I have purchased quite a bit of denim from for a couple reasons: decently priced and reliable. They break in fairy quickly, and have little to no color transfer, which is a HUGE plus. For size reference, I am 5'4, 115 lbs, and I wear a W25 L32. ASOS also has a phenomenal return system where if you aren't happy with your item, you simply reseal the package you received it in, and they provide you with a prepaid return postage label. It's great.
     Next let's cover tops. If there's one thing I'm maybe known for, it's my love for layers (I basically want to be Mary-Kate Olsen alright?). In order to achieve the "perfect" layered look, you have to have the right tank top. It has to be longer than your main shirt, loose but not TOO loose, and preferably a lighter color than what you have over it (unless you are a veteran layer-er, because this rule can sometimes be broken). I own this "First Layer Tank Top" in many versions and colors: white, light grey, and black. The white one pictured above is from Carly Jean Los Angeles, a super cute online boutique I order from (and follow on Instagram) quite frequently. Unfortunately the one I own is no longer available, but I will link to others here and here (tbh I'm loving both these and finding it hard not to buy them for myself lol). To go on top of this "First Layer Tank Top", a grey loose fitting sweatshirt, something I can absolutely not live without. There's just something about the color grey that I find is extremely flattering on all people. It just works, and that's why I think it's acceptable to own this item in ten different versions. The one I have chosen to show you today is also from Carly Jean Los Angeles, and no longer available (okay I'm sorry but I love it, and I want to show you the things I love!), but I will link to a similar one here and to a Madewell sweatshirt I also own and love. Basically, the point of this sweatshirt is to let a little bit of the tank to show at the bottom. I don't know what it is, but when I wear this combination, I feel like I have my life together, therefor I choose it over other outfits quite frequently. Last but not least, you GOTTA have a huge flannel. You will cook in this flannel, you will wine and dine in this flannel, and you will sleep in this flannel. I'm keeping this part simple because it is a challenge I am sending you guys on (yes there's homework in this blog post). The challenge is to go out to your local thrift store, venture in to the mens section, and find yourself the flannel of your dreams. It exists, I promise you, you just gotta work for it. 


     Let's talk shoes, accessories and jewelry. For shoes, my absolute go-to are a pair of black boots. Mine are from Frye a couple years ago, and even though they are leather, I wouldn't change them for anything in the world. The thing is though, it's not the shoe, it's just the look that I can't part with. You need something in your closet that you can chuck on with literally anything and it works. I wear mine for work and play, and that's what makes a smart clothing purchase. I found a similar pair from Steve Madden, the key is to just wear them as much as possible, so they start breaking in. That's when the magic happens. Now, for the part I somewhat struggle with, the purse. I honestly don't know why finding a purse is so difficult for me. I either am just extremely picky, or I would just rather not have to carry one at all (I think it's somewhere in between these two). Either way, for what I do for a living, I have to have something with me to carry all my nonsense. Even though I do have a work tote/backpack, I still need something to carry my smaller items for times when I need to run into the store, going out to dinner, etc. Right now I own two, a mustard crossbody from Matt & Nat, and this black chain crossbody from Nordstrom. The one I have pictured is currently out of stock, but I have found similar here and here. I've found that as long as I have a purse in these two colors, they go with most things I own, and that works for me.


     On to jewelry, one of my favorite parts of getting dressed. There's just something about dainty necklaces, a great bracelet, and lots of rings, that just puts me in a great mood. Let's start with one of my prized possessions, the David Yurman "Cable Classics" bracelet. This was gifted to me when I graduated from Paul Mitchell a couple years ago, and it has lived on my wrist almost every day since. It's the perfect mixture of dainty, yet substantial, honestly almost masculine, and I am so here for it. You can wear this on it's own, or stack it with other pieces you own, and either way it looks great. It is pricier, but as long as you take care of it, this bracelet will be with you for many many years to come. Next there are necklaces (probably my favorite part of this whole post). I like to say I have one for any and every mood I could ever possibly be in. For me, I love to mix metals, and on my coloring, I feel that I can work with both gold and silver. The two I chose to show you today are the ones I wear the most - obviously. The silver pendant was a gift from my dad a couple Christmases ago, and I just love it. It has my moms birthstone in the middle, and somehow even though you could say this is a pretty formal piece, it works for everyday casual looks. The gold charm necklace is very much on trend at the moment, but I can definitely still see myself wearing it beyond this season. It says half of the word love on one side, and the other half on the other. I think down the road I may invest in a better chain for it, but for now it works. 


     Okay I know I say above that necklaces were my favorite, I take that back, rings are hands down my favorite part of pulling an outfit together. When I was in high school, I wore the same Silpada ring on my right index finger for so long, the little hairs on my finger stopped growing - that's how dedicated I was/still am. I do still own that exact ring, but for now, these three are what you will most likely find on my fingers everyday (minus my engagement ring). Starting from the left, we have my great grandmother's wedding ring. Passed down to me from my Grams, this is one of my most loved items of jewelry. I'm not entirely sure what this style is considered, but to me it's breathtaking. In the middle we have a black pave ring from Madewell. To be honest, I bought this because I thought it was funny and ironic. Don't get me wrong I think it's cute, I just love that it's black instead of the typical white pave. Lastly we have  a ring I purchased while in New York back in December. I found it inside inside a shop in Chelsea Market, and fell in love. The designer is Katie Dean Jewelry, and I would highly recommend checking out her work, it's stunning. 


     Well that's it guys, you now know everything about me. Just kidding, but you do at least know a good chunk of it. I like to be comfortable, and then add in elements that make me feel a little more put together. If you would like to see everything I just spoke about in action (and me looking like a potato who doesn't know what to do with her hands) then keep on scrolling. I hope you guys found this interesting and inspiring! I'd love to know what the MVPs in your closet are, so leave me a comment below and let's chat. Until next time guys, have a great weekend!