Ezra Charles Moesch - July 4th 2017

     So excited to finally show you all my first ever newborn session - and what better way than with celebrating the life of Ezra Charles Moesch, son of my cousin Paige, and her husband Nik! Everything about this family is special. The love that emulates from them makes me feel so incredibly blessed to call them my family, and also excited for the incredible life that Ezra has in front of him.

     It is common for these kinds of shoots to take place in the child's nursery, but this nursery is a little different. Nik hand built Ezra's crib, book shelf, and the ottoman which is place perfectly in front of a rocking chair (this given to Paige's mother when she was pregnant with her, as a gift from her father). The pair of shoes that can be seen hanging just aside the crib were Paige's grandfathers, who wore them when he was born back in 1927. Nik also designed, and made, the "king of all wild things" print, and it is framed and placed in the corner adjacent to the changing table. 

     It was incredibly hard for me to pick which were my favorite photos from this session, so please follow the button at the end of this post to view the entire gallery. I want to send all my love and blessings to this new family, and cannot wait to see what the future holds! Hope everyone has a great week, and please feel free to share, like, and comment on this post - I'd love to hear from you!