Messes - April 2017


Hello everyone - long time, no talk! I am back today with a little peek into my new home. Since this not only is where I sleep and eat, it is also where I work. SO, because of this, things accumulate. Whether you like it or not, this will most likely always happen. About a month ago, things like this would have driven me crazy. Needing to have everything be perfect all the time (hair, photos, my home, etc) consumed my life. The weird thing is so much of that pressure and insecurity is masked via social media, and I think we all often forget that sometimes the perfect is shown through exactly the opposite. My plan is to every so often come on here, and post my newest messes. I hope that through this we can all take a step back, and just accept where we are at, and that that is exactly where we should be. Leave me a comment below and let me know what your favorite things about your homes are, I'd love to hear! I hope you all have a great weekend - till next time! ★