Our Home, and the Holidays - 2017


     If there's one thing that today has taught me, it's that I am NOT an home photographer. Serious props to people who are able to do this easily, because man I am absolutely impressed lol. I'm going to be honest, when I asked you guys which you would rather see a blog post on, 1) What I'm packing for our trip to New York or 2) How we decorated our home for the Holidays, I was really hoping ya'll would choose number one. After making the poll on Instagram, I started looking around, and noticed we honestly don't have that many Christmas decorations. I started to panic, and honestly considered making a trip to Target, just so that I could have more to show you. Isn't that silly? Chad and I made a total of two trips for decorations, but each place we went to, we left pretty much empty handed from. Nothing this year stood out to us, and we didn't want to purchase a bunch of cheap stuff just so we could fill space. Not our style. So if you are interested in what decorations we DO have, sit back, grab a coffee, and keep scrolling!


     First stop is our bedroom, probably my second favorite space in our home. In it you will find our unmounted headboard, a space heater, humidifier, lots of shoes, and a whole lot of dust (why is it that bedrooms always seem to have the most dust?). You'll notice that gold accents are a theme throughout the entire house, because duh, gold is life. 


     On top of our dresser you'll find most of our Holiday stuff. I opted for a silver tree, yellow-white lights, and this super cute puff ball garland from a shop I found on Etsy (to be honest I ordered it for our big Christmas tree in the living room, but it showed up much smaller than I thought lol). Next to that I have a Nest diffuser in their holiday scent, and out of all the things in the house, this has probably been my favorite purchase. It makes our bedroom smell like a Christmas tree magical wonderland, and we all know how I feel about tree smells.  


     On our bed you'll find the last decoration in our bedroom, two throw pillows from (you guessed it) Hearth & Hand, Chip and Joanna Gaine's collaboration with Target. These pillows are perfect, because it gives you those Christmas feels, without being too over the top, especially for the men in the house. I chose to stick them behind the other pillows we typically use, threw a white fuzzy blanket on the foot of the bed, and called it good. Fun fact: our wrapping paper this year is in the same print!


     On to the office - probably our least used room in the house, which is kind of funny since I work from home 😂. This is the space I was most worried about showing you guys, but nevertheless I am sucking it up. The only decoration we have in this room is a candle with "Santa's Helper" written on it - and the scent, of course, is spruce. Since we're here though I figured I'd go ahead and show you some other details of the room; sloth calendar, dying house plant, picture frame showing our engagement, another picture of my parents on the beach, and various camera lenses on the windowsill. 


     Ah, now on to our favorite room of the house, the living room. But, don't let this fuzzy rug fool you, getting this space put together was a struggle. The way this room is set up is something Chad and I are still trying to figure out. There are no free walls parallel from each other, so, finding out where the heck to put our TV and couch was challenging. As you can see, we decided to put our couch in front of our "front door" (long story short we live in a four person complex, and we use the back door as our front door). Now with that background story out of the way, on to the decorations. 


     Even though we are getting married in April, we are still calling this guy our first tree. He's 5'5, real as can be, and smells amazing. When we went to Target a couple weeks ago, this is when we realized that we apparently have really high expectations for tree ornaments. Nothing stood out to us, and we found ourselves talking each other out of getting things, which led us to make the decision to just take it slow. We don't need to get everything NOW, and that's perfectly fine. We found our basic ornaments at Aldi, strung some colorful LED lights, and Chad's mom gave us silver garland (let me know if you grew up with garland on your tree, cause Chad didn't, and I'm very curious). As for our sentimental ornaments - my mom gave us this perfect felt sloth 😍 (which she also has on her tree), and then we also have the two bears and a heart we got from our engagement in the Smoky Mountains!


     Other details in the living room go as follows; two reindeer from Crate & Barrel (shorter one is me, taller one is Chad), dust, another spruce scented candle, this beautiful H serving platter gifted to us at our engagement party, a wreath throw pillow I got around Halloween, our sloth Toby, and various other stuffed animals because we are adults. 


     On to the dining room. I'm going to be straight up and say that this table is never this clear, no matter how hard I try lol (if you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen it's typical state 😅), but I'm going to justify that by saying it's probably my favorite piece of furniture we own. The natural wood, paired with the black chairs are another theme you'll have noticed - we love some contrast. As far as Christmas decorating, we kept it simple with a gold candle holder from Hearth & Hand, stuffed with pinecones from our back yard, and cuttings form our tree.


     Fun Fact: our home was built in the 1920's, so all the rooms are slightly slanted and uneven. Makes for great dancing conditions. 


     Last, but certainly not least, the kitchen. Where I find myself the most, and also coldest AND hottest room in the house. I searched high and low for more decorations for this room. I was wanting a holiday themed spoon holder for the oven, cookie jars, wreathes, ANYTHING - but the fact of the matter is that we have a galley kitchen, and the more stuff, the smaller it gets. One day I'll have my jolly big cookroom, but until then, holiday themed paper towels and a red flannel hand towel will suffice. In it's defense, it also matches our mixer. 
     So guys, that's it! You have now seen the future Harvey's Christmas decorating. I hope you enjoyed it, and I'd also love to see how you are decorating this year. Follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, and send me some pictures! As for now, I am going to start packing for New York (always waiting to the last minute), and will be back next week with a blog post all about it! Happy Wednesday!

NOT PICTURED: All of Chad's music gear shoved behind the couch in the living room, my camera and work gear moved conveniently out of frame for each picture, the drying rack we usually have out next to our kitchen sink, the bathroom because it's a bathroom, and more dying plants.