So if I had to pick a personal focal point of this outfit it would have to be these possibly capris? possibly supposed to be longer pants but meant for someone more petite than me? Who knows but I love them. I found these white denim pants in my moms closet, during one of my many trips home, and snatched them up. She chose not to keep a lot of her old clothes so whenever I stumble upon something of hers from the glory days (lol jk love you mom), I never pass up the opportunity.  

    I love that these capris sit right at my belly button - the most comfortable place in my opinion. They are 100% a pair of denims that I could actually lounge around the house in and have zero issues with. The crisp white color is extremely feminine and could easily be dressed up for a more special occasion. And for all the haters out there that say no white before memorial day, my middle finger salutes you. 

     I paired them with a basic tee from H&M that I got years ago. I chose to offer you guys another option from American Apparel since I no longer choose to shop at H&M (I will be doing a more in depth post about this soon!). I also chucked on an army green vest to bring some color to my otherwise very neutral ensemble. I got this vest a couple years ago, but I will say that it has come in handy SO many times. I highly recommend adding one to your wardrobe this season.  

     Now, these shoes I already know I'm going to have a split audience on. I personally love them because they remind me of my dance days. JAZZ HANDS PEOPLE! The Mary Janes were extremely popular during the 1920s, so I love how they give this outfit a bit of a classic touch. Usually found in black, I opted for the nude color. I find that nude shoes always help with elongating my legs (all I want in life is to be 5'6 is that too much to ask for). 

     To top it off, I went for the Jack & Norma style glasses from BonLook. These particular frames are inspired by menswear which I can ALWAYS appreciate. If you guys would like for a more in depth post about these frames and my others from BonLook let me know in the comments! I hope everyone has a great rest of there week!