When I was twelve years old all I can remember is wanting A. braces and B. glasses (also crutches but that's a whole different story). So as any kid does, they beg their parents to take them to the eye doctor, slightly bend the truth during the appointment, and then choose maybe not the most flattering frame to then proudly wear at school. Fast forward ten years later (holy sh*t), and you're actually on your way to being legally blind. Karma. 
     If you're anything like me then you know the struggle of being indecisive. My style is constantly changing and evolving, which is healthy, but not for my bank account. One day I wake up in a super feminine mood, then maybe I feel like wearing sweats all day, or most often, I can be found wearing all black. So when it comes to my glasses, I have to have a pair for every occasion - naturally. 

TOP: Solar & Cult BOTTOM: Jack&Norma & Amaze

TOP: Solar & Cult
BOTTOM: Jack&Norma & Amaze

     I first heard about BonLook from the YouTube channel The Fashion Citizen (highly recommend). The two girls, Stephanie and Melissa, were constantly wearing the cutest glasses and mentioned that they frequently get theirs from the online site. I did some research and found that BonLook not only had awesome products, but the company itself offered, seemingly, great customer service. Free shipping and free returns over $60, online try-on options, and instructions on how to read your prescription are just some of what the company has to offer for its customers.
     BonLook is a vertically integrated company, meaning that they control all aspects of the process of making their products (designing, manufacturing, and shipment). This way they have cut out the middle man and made their company more reliable and personable. Each frame is designed in-house in Montreal and your prescription is fitted by a certified optician at a Essilor North American lab in Brooklyn, New York. 

TOP: Cult BOTTOM: Amaze

TOP: Cult

     The lenses themselves are from Essilor, which is the world's leading manufacturer or first-rate opthalmic lenses. They are scratch-resistant, lightweight, and durable (and I can attest to this because I've already dropped one of mine multiple times). Each pair of their Single Vision RX Lenses frames retail at $99 which if INSANE compared to what you usually have to pay at most optical stores. They also offer, for an extra $30, 1.67 high-index lenses, which are designed for stronger prescriptions. Both of these options also offer 100% UV protection already included. 
     When I went to order my first pair, I found that the process of entering in my prescription to be very easy because of the step by step instructions provided. One thing to keep in mind is make sure you have your glasses prescription, not your contacts as they are completely different. Initially, you also have to submit a photo of yourself to help measure your papillary distance, but this is done only once and kept on file for future use. 


Solar in Dream State 

Solar in Dream State 

     The first two glasses I chose were the Cult in dark tortoise and the Solar in dream state (both retailed at $99). When I received them I quickly noticed how well they were packaged and the amazing quality of the frames themselves. There is absolutely no difference between these and the Ray-Bans I already own. Because I was so impressed with my first purchase, I bought two more pairs, you know, because I need one for everyday of my four day work week #necessary. When I went to buy more, I saw that they were having a sale on frames for $79 each, so I picked up the Amaze style in onyx and the Jack & Norma in snappy. Both orders took about a week and a half to get to my mailbox which is extremely impressive in my opinion. After looking into it more, I found that if you sign up for their emails they frequently have sales an/or promo codes.
     In conclusion, I will definitely be purchasing from BonLook again. I already have my eyes on pair of clear frames (lol puns). So far I have zero complaints and doing business with them has been nothing but enjoyable. It is so exciting finding more and more brands that not only care about their customers but also put work into making their products as beautiful and well-made a possible. Let me know if any of you guys plan on purchasing a pair and tell me what style! Have a great week everyone!