TOP - Goodwill / OVERALLS - Madewell / BOOTS - Topshop 

     If we could travel back in time to sixteen year old me, going to Goodwill was definitely a part of the norm. Somewhere along the way I lost myself and definitely fell victim to the conveniency of online shopping. Like seriously though what is better that sitting in your pajamas and selling your soul by just the click of a button. Recently though, I have found love for the excitement of thrift stores once again. This simple striped turtleneck was a great find for a couple reasons 1. very on trend 2. it cost me $2. This is my favorite way to participate in trends without spending tons of money. One thing I have noticed is the clothing I find in thrift stores are often made out of material that hold up so much better than what is typical from Forever 21 or other 'fast fashion' retailers. AKA they wont shrivel up after one wash. I pared this top with overalls, coveralls, dungarees whatever you choose to call them, from Madewell. I would probably wear these things everyday if I could because they are SO comfortable. To complete the look I chose a pair of black boots from Topshop. *DISCLAIMER yes these are made of leather. Until I am able to afford completely revamping my closet with faux leather equivalents I will be continuing wearing leather. I will no longer be buying leather for future purchases.* Out of all the black boots I own these are probably my most 'casual' pair. The faux wood heel really adds a different element that I feel really bring the whole outfit together. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend. TGIF!