Today we get to talk about two of my favorite things: skincare and great companies. A couple of weeks ago I was with a client (Hi Eloise!) and we got to talking about some of our favorite products. She ended up bringing up Glossier and their Milky Jelly Cleanser. If you have been anywhere on the blogsphere for the past couple months the name should sound familiar. I remembered what the packaging looked like but really knew nothing about the company or the products themselves. Eloise has great style so I knew I had to get my hands on them. 
     I knew I needed to first try the Milky Jelly Cleanser since I have been on the hunt for a makeup remover for SO LONG. I've had a lot of issues with most of the removers on the market because in my opinion they are geared for more dry skin types (my skin type is currently
combination/dehydrated/acne prone). So, typically when I use any kind of makeup removing facial cleanser they leave my skin feeling very greasy and I typically will still have some makeup residue left. I was extremely surprised with the MJC. To use you pump about two pumps and massage onto dry skin, starting with focusing on the eye area. During this time you will instantly see the product break down whatever makeup is on your skin. After about thirty seconds I then add water and continue to massage. After rinsing my skin is left feeling extremely clean, without feeling stripped, and soft. This is because the MJC contains aquaxyl and provitamin B5 which both help in keeping the skin moisturized and prevent dehydration. In addition this product is also paraben free, fragrance free, sulfate free, soap free AND hypoallergenic. I would recommend this product to literally any skin type. Retails at $18 USD. 
     Next we have the Priming Moisturizer. This is a moisturizing lotion-like
consistency primer. Now, I took a huge risk with purchasing this. Usually any makeup product with the words moisturizing, hydrating, and creme on it is a no go for me. I knew I wanted a new primer because the one I had been using was breaking me out and I firmly believe a primer is essential in the makeup process. When I was on the Glossier site I was reading into the product and a few things really stood out to me. A. Non-comedogenic. This basically means that the product will not promote acne. B. It contains tea and honey extracts which act as a Anti-Redness Complex and fights against inflammation. After trying the primer out multiple times I can honestly say it really has helped with fighting my redness throughout the day AND I don't think it has aggravated the acne I already have on my skin. I also noticed that even though it is a hydrating product I didn't get greasy or oily through the day. I think it has really helped with balancing out and prepping my skin perfectly for foundation. I would strongly recommend this product to someone who wants a primer that helps with smoothing, hydrating, and calming the skin without the heavy silicone feeling that can be found in most primers on the market. Retails at $25 USD. 
     Last but not least (the star of the show in my opinion), Boy Brow. I am a firm believer in big hairy beautiful brows and this brow gel is 100% key if you love that look as well. It contains natural waxes that help keep the hairs in place, but also contains oleic acid, an emollient from olive oil, that keeps the hair moisturized and nourished. This specific formula is amazing because it volumizes the individual hairs on your brows without making them feel stiff and flaky. One thing that really helps whenever you are filling in your brows is to always brush up and away from your nose. I find this technique always gives me the best natural results. I chose to get the blonde shade which was a perfect light neutral color. If you love your brows to be defined, but still natural looking I would definitely give this gel a go! Retails at $16 USD. 
     Overall my first experience with Glossier has been nothing but positive. The company was started by Emily Weiss, a fellow blogger, from the bog Into The Gloss. She has created something that I think is truly authentic and admirable. Glossier is all about the essentials and 'building a modern brand inspired by real life' something that I find extremely refreshing. Every product designed is meant to enhance but not define you. When and if I ever own my own brand I will definitely take inspiration from Emily and her team at Glossier.

Until next time!