The Blinkin Bag

     I just need you all to know I was completely done with this post and then my internet died and I lost the entire thing. SO lets try this again. When I became a vegan five months ago I had no idea how much it was going to change me as a person. Not only did my diet change, but my everyday decisions did as well. Being the excessive spender and hoarder that I am I have a lot of 'fast fashion' and leather in my wardrobe. Fast fashion is usually trendy clothing that has been manufactured quickly and often cheaply. AKA Forever 21, TOPSHOP, Zara, Tobi, etc. Now I have absolutely nothing against that form of shopping at all, BUT, it is nice to have pieces in your wardrobe that are of better quality. This brings me to my newest find, MATT & NAT. This Montreal based brand was started in 1995 and prides itself on being sustainable and eco-friendly. 

     While scrolling through the MATT & NAT site I stumbled across a couple things that really solidified for me why I will continue to support the brand. For starters the name itself comes from a play on the words Ma(T)erial and NATure. This is used to explain how they believe in the synergy between materials and nature and how the two can be used together to create beautiful sustainable products. Secondly, they are a completely vegan brand. They've accomplished this by experimenting with recycled products like cork, nylon, cardboard, rubber, and bicycle tires. In addition, since 2007 they have committed to using only 100% recycled plastic bottles to create their linings. Thats approximately twenty one bottles per bag. HELLO PEOPLE! How amazing is that??! 
     Now, choosing what my first purchase would be was EXTREMELY difficult, but alas I was able to settle on the Blinkin bag. In my opinion it is the perfect bag for a minimalist, but also for someone who loves a bit of an edge. Of course I chose classic black to start but it also comes in light blue, red, and purple. 



     One of my favorite things about this bag are the three different pocket options. It has a magnetic pocket, zipper, and flap option. When carrying I chose to put my phone in the magnetic pocket for easy access, wallet in the zipper for safety, and keys in the flap pocket. The magnet used in the magnetic snap pocket is very strong and keeps closed when using as well. 

     The bag itself is made from vegan leather. When doing some research the leather could be made of either polyutherane (PU) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Includes a non-adjustable strap that can be tucked in to use as a clutch and also MATT & NATs custom hardware. The material feels and looks pretty much exactly like real leather which is extremely important. Too often non leather options can feel cheap and or are very obviously not real. In my opinion I would not know this was not real leather unless I was told. The zipper is very smooth and does not snag when opening and closing, which I appreciate. Both outer and inner materials can be easily cleaned as well. 

     Final thoughts on the bag. I am obsessed. It hold pretty much everything I need on a daily basis INCLUDING my planner. I am so happy that my first venture into the world of vegan fashion has been nothing but a positive experience. I will definitely continue to keep you all updated on the Blinkin and also my other vegan friendly purchases!